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Six key BMIG principles that are critical for your marketing success.



We know what works

If you have managed to read this far; chances are you want to know more about us and what we do. Well, BMIG is the agency that specialises in marketing to help you sell your products and services by being different. We’re good at producing intelligence-led marketing materials that help your customers understand you better.

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What do we mean by intelligence-led?

We carry out comprehensive market research and go through your business model for a better understanding of your current marketing materials and the current environment you’re operating in.

We’re also good at digging out the most compelling value propositions for your products and services – and making sure the right customer sees and understands them. Through creative visuals that gets noticed, copy that involves, email and direct marketing that generates leads, websites that support sales, and corporate brochures that get the message across to the intended audiences...

There are many reasons why our clients choose to work with us but, ultimately, an agency should help you generate more leads which turn into more sales. However, the quantity of leads alone is not enough.  BMIG will work with you to create more of the right leads, those that will become profitable customers.

Let us take the stress

Struggling to get everything done, it can be really tough to make time for marketing. Our goal is to provide you with the best marketing support at an affordable rate to create a stress free marketing environment for you and your business. Simply outsource your marketing today and save time, money and stress.

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Why not outsource your marketing?

We know our clients are busy, that’s why we can take the stress of marketing away and manage it for you. This could be a small project like the design of a brochure or catalogue, or for some of our clients we even have taken responsibility of their marketing department and will be held accountable for all the campaigns we carry out for you!

As a small or medium-sized business owner, you no doubt have a lot of things to consider each day. This can involve wearing a lot of different hats, which can be a challenge when you’d really rather get on with whatever it is you’re good at – whether that’s developing products, administration, supervising people, or doing the accounts.

It can also make the task of marketing your product or services seem a little overwhelming. And without marketing you cannot grow, who is going to know about your great product/service in the first place? So it's time to contact us; let us help you!



Need help with marketing?
You can trust BMIG to deliver you with a great marketing plan...



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