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Would you say BMIG is affordable?

What you pay; is what you get!

Having worked with many marketing agencies over the years we know most agency rates are reasonable.

The current economic environment has pressured clients to trim expenses and evaluate the value-added contribution of their agencies. Most marketing agencies have had their fees questioned and many have experienced the discomfort of fee/rate audits. Often marketing agencies are responding with examples of results achieved and service quality, and question the appropriateness of this examination.

But this view overlooks the client perspective. While the marketplace has become more tactically driven and project-based, many traditional marketing agencies have not adapted their organizations and services to match the needs of the client.

BMIG will always use highly experienced and qualified marketing, digital and creative professionals. The balance between what BMIG will deliver and what you pay will certainly be worthwhile. We keep it real and simple; BMIG has 1 fixed rate for all our services.

We understand that marketing is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are there for them to help them accomplish the dreams that they may have for their marketing campaigns....

Conclusion (moral of the story): You get great value for money and quality marketing work is guaranteed.



Why did BMIG come into existence?

To exist is to survive and to survive you need to be fit.

BMIG was set up because I could no longer tolerate marketing mediocracy that was prevalent in the world. During my travels; I have witnessed a lot substandard marketing campaigns and I thought to myself, were they really happy with their current marketing performance?

I approached some potential customers to discuss their views on this matter. They did not really know how to stand out from their competitors. All of them complained that they could not afford the Global agencies who were charging ridiculous fees and their own local agencies were simply not able to deliver good new ideas.

Then I was presented with a lightbulb moment; I had the opportunity to set up an agency that would start helping companies around the world raise their game; with modern day technology you can easily transfer this knowledge, know-how and creative ideas globally.



Can BMIG help my business with marketing?

Yes indeed, you’re in safe hands with BMIG…

We believe in the power and value of ideas because it helps us to develop, invest and create new ideas for your marketing needs that will help your business grow.

We have marketing, digital and creative specialists around the world who are there to support our clients in achieving true customer satisfaction.

BMIG has built a great marketing model that will serve your unique brand needs.



Who should use BMIG for marketing support?

It’s absolutely for everyone; everywhere...

We never discriminate, no matter how big or small, BMIG’s goal is to help clients and other agencies grow through online, offline, retail or mobile internationally.



Where did the BMIG name come from?

The Past was marketing, the Present is BMIG and the Future is big, bright and beautiful…

I had the lightbulb moment of knowing how to make a difference and help others with ideas; but I still needed a name for my agency.

I was always told by several past employers that I always came up with bright marketing ideas; and in 2014 I thought why not start my own marketing agency, because I was really good at coming up with bright marketing ideas? So why not call my company Bright Marketing Ideas Group?

From that epiphany, I researched to find out if that name existed and to my surprise it didn’t. I realised that Bright Marketing Ideas Group was there for the taking and although it was a long winded name; I had to think about how to make it sound catchy; so decided to use the acronym BMIG – it was short and straight to the point and the rest you can say is history…



How will BMIG make a difference to my business?

BMIG is here to help you to think outside the box!

We believe that it doesn’t matter where, how or in what way an idea comes from, you still have to start somewhere and we at BMIG never give up of finding the light bulb moment for your business.

Sometimes it is worth getting back to basics. Why do we as marketers do what we do? Marketing is all about creating value based on intangible assets. People pay more than your brand is actually worth because they value something in addition to the product itself.

It’s all about the VALUE; that’s the clever bit about marketing. We create value but nobody recognizes that it is valuable. They think it is enjoyable, interesting, inspiring, compelling or shareable. Maybe a better word is rewarding. BMIG tries to create rewarding experiences that encourage people to pay more for a product. In some cases all this means is that we need to enhance perceptions of the value of what is already there.

So in short BMIG puts greater emphasis on relevant and differentiating elements of the product experience and magnifies these elements in its marketing messages. This helps focus people’s attention on the good aspects of the experience and provides a point of comparison that favours your brand.



Will I notice any difference if I use BMIG?

Yes off course you will, if marketing is made simple…

We like to connect brands. We make companies visible and findable; and we develop out-of-the-box marketing strategies that help make your company stand out from the crowd in an ever changing complex environment.



Is there any partnership opportunities with BMIG?

Anytime, anywhere, if you need help BMIG is here.

We are always on the lookout for the next best thing in marketing. In order for us to achieve this we must incorporate the talent that is available globally.

We have already partnered up and benefited from working with other agencies and feel strongly that collaboration is the way forward to grow creatively and produce marketing that will benefit you beat the competition and help build your clients brand.

Finally united we stand, divided we fall, if we can share the load, we will let creativity explode!



When would I know if I need marketing help

When you notice your current efforts isn’t working!

Struggling to generate interest? BMIG can help you find the right audience for your business and convert passive shoppers into active buyers. The most successful companies in the world get ahead of the competition and thrive thanks to quality marketing.

Even if your business is already growing, it can always grow faster. Marketing can help through coming up with bright ideas for great campaigns online and offline. Below are some examples of why you might need outside help:

• You're directionless
• You don't have a powerful online value proposition
• You don't know your online customers well enough
• You're marketing is not integrated through all channels
• You don't have enough people/budget given its
• You're wasting money and time through duplication
• You're not agile enough to catch-up or stay ahead

Good news is that BMIG can help you with all your marketing needs.



Does BMIG actually help marketing work?

Meeting the marketing demands, day in, day out!

We are an entire world full of consumers. We operate a global economy, which thrives on the simple fact that people either need or want to buy stuff. Some of the stuff you buy is necessary, while most of it isn’t, but at the end of the day the world seems to revolve around consumerism (for better or worse).

The truth is most companies viewed marketing as an expense, a nice thing to have; when times are tight and they’re forced to cut back, marketing has invariably been one of the first things to go.

The reason for marketing being so defenceless was that the metrics simply weren’t there for a significant portion of the budget, and it’s hard to defend expenditure without concrete numbers to justify it. No argument there.

We’ve been searching for proof for years. Just refer back to marketing articles over the last 40 years and count how many times people reference something as “the Holy Grail of marketing.” But now with the advent of digital and data driven technology BMIG can prove marketing’s ROI, and will define marketing in the coming decade.

BMIG can prove, once and for all, that marketing works, and is significantly more than just a cost; it will obtain customers. Ultimately 3 things will matter; 1) the relationship, 2) return on investment and 3) the quality of work we will create to help your business grow.



What makes BMIG different from other competitors?

Not all global marketing agencies are the same!

Frankly, we're much more focused on collaboration than competition. BMIG loves collaboration, so we'll work with anyone and everyone in order to generate the best solutions.

We have always aimed to set ourselves apart from the crowd. Your brand and reputation is very important to us and integrity is a cornerstone of our agency in terms of the advice we offer and the services and products we provide. We are not driven to be the biggest fish in the pond or the killer shark of the sea, preferring to develop long standing relationships were we are trusted always and can be relied upon to put your marketing needs at the top of our agenda.

We always try and back up our marketing efforts with hard facts and make your customers heart go soft for your products and services through our creative marketing campaigns.



Do your homework…

When choosing a new marketing agency, make sure you do your homework before making the final decision; finding the right marketing agency can be difficult, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.

One of the few certainties in marketing is that at some point in your career as a brand marketer you will need the ideas and creativity of agencies to enhance your brand, acquire new customers or keep those you have. It’s the bread and butter stuff, but it’s rarely obvious who the ideal agency partner should be.

It’s very important to research marketing agencies and their records of service. While services offered, rates and even pitch presentations can be similar from agency to agency, the individual account managers within a company and the overall feel of the agency can have a big impact on your satisfaction. Look for a marketing agency that shares your goals, communicates well, is willing to explain your options and suggest different products and services, and is attentive to your unique needs and preferences.


Many marketing agencies boast about their creativity, innovation and ability to push boundaries. But getting your marketing right isn’t ONLY about making your organisation look cool and distinguishing you from the competition. It’s about capturing the interest of potential customers and encouraging them purchase your products and services.

But how do you go about finding an agency that will help you achieve your goals? Here are a few tips to bear in mind…


Big is not necessarily best, often smaller advertising agencies provide you with a more personal and creative approach. In fact, choosing an advertising agency that has a glittering array of big named clients could work against your company in the long run. Many advertising agencies are likely to put larger clients first, at the expense of smaller companies. Make sure the advertising agency you choose is excited by the creative challenge your particular business provides and that they want to work for you on an ongoing basis not just for one campaign.

Client Portfolio

Creativity is key to advertising. Look at some of the agency's prior work to decide whether their particular brand of ideas is what your business needs. A lot of advertising agencies will brag about the awards that they've won - forget them. Listen to the one that talks about how their work has helped build their clients' businesses and how they can help your business.

Look for a full service agency

Choosing a marketing agency is time consuming, so you don't want to have to do that every time you opt for a different channel. Make sure you choose an agency that can provide full marketing support. Look for an agency that can provide not only press advertising, but outdoor advertising, radio advertising, in house media planning and buying, as well as print, web design and public relations. Make sure the agency has its own design studio. Also ask to see some previous work.

Account Management

Ask who will be working on your account, and what the company's account handling structure is. It is important that you build up a relationship with your account manager. They are a key part of your business.


Before committing to an agency make sure you are aware of their creative costs. Different agencies work in different ways. Do they operate on a creative retainer basis? Are there any hidden costs? Management charges?



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