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I3 Data

Intelligence is Important

Analysis with Insight

I3 Data is a full service analytics & research agency. We operate within consumer and business to business markets offering both qualitative and quantitative research services. We supply tailored audience insight and in-depth data analysis covering both consumer and business market research around the world.

Our team of approachable senior research professionals have the expertise to provide creatively bespoke yet affordable solutions that suit your exact needs – from designing and managing research to analysing data sets, working with senior management and even taking care of your market research function in its entirety.

No matter what your industry sector, we have the experience and expertise to provide the on-point intelligence that ensures your business always stays ahead of the curve.

A market research agency can design, carry out and analyse bespoke market research on your behalf. Using a professional market research company can ensure that you get the right information so that the strategic decisions you make are based on reliable market intelligence.

Nahim Choudhury, Founder & CEO of Bright Marketing Ideas Group

Quality Research for Decision Makers

Our clients tell us what we deliver is more effective in helping them achieve the things they are concerned with – driving sales, building brands, creating and satisfying customers, improving performance and growing value; than what they get from our competitors.

Whether you need to know how a new product, brand or service will be received, or want to understand consumer behaviours and turn research into a tactical business tool, our experienced team of specialists will deliver the information that gives your company the right steer. This is because our research is done for decision makers which ensures that what we deliver to are genuinely fit for purpose. We help businesses harness the power of data and marketing technology.

By joining the dots across device and across channels; we deliver increased sales and greater visibility on performance.

Data Strategy

I3 Data is a full service analytics & research agency capable of carrying out projects from start to finish. All companies collect data. The challenge is turning this into knowledge and action that improve results. We offer the following market research & Data Analytics services:

  • Market Research Set-up And Design
  • Project Management
  • Market Research Fieldwork Services
  • Consumer Behaviour Studies
  • Data Processing / Tabulations
  • Digital Analytics
  • Analysis & Interpretation Services
  • Reporting


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