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Nahim Choudhury

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Freak out; become unique!

We provide our clients with strategic marketing consultancy that is a powerful blend of strategic thinking, free thinking, commercial experience and good judgment. Our approach to creating mouth-wateringly effective marketing strategies is to gain as much insight and understanding as possible at the early stages, taking in data and insights from wherever possible.

We employ the classic tactics of research, testing, planning and refinement but in an unusually fast-paced style. We don’t waste time, and we keep costs to a minimum wherever possible, ensuring your budget is spent in the most effective way. We kick-start our strategy projects with a clear understanding of customers, markets and competitors. We use our customer behaviour expertise to inspire your Acquisition, Retention and Go-To-Market strategies.

Developing marketing strategy is the starting point; it’s the approach you take in support of your business strategy and goals. Strategy is long-term, no matter how the business environment may change, and forms the foundation for your marketing plans. Simply put, marketing strategy is where you want to go and the marketing plan is how you’re going to get there.

Nahim Choudhury, Founder & CEO of Bright Marketing Ideas Group

Plan for success

If you know there’s a market for what you want to offer and more importantly you have a clear sense of where you want to go, but now you’re wondering how to get there . . . as quickly as possible.

You’ve realised you can’t do this alone. Then you might need a mentor or someone else who can get down in the trenches with you..

Putting your customers and what matters most to them at the heart of all marketing activity makes for more meaningful engagement and stronger relationships. Developing marketing plans that integrate all your marketing activity is critical to making your business memorable in the hearts and minds of your customers. It’s vital to take the time to really look at what your current marketing is achieving, and understand how to build capability in current best-practice.

Key to the planning process is articulation of the ‘7 Ws’:

1. Who do we want to engage with?
2. Where are our customers?
3. What will be our message?
4. With what type content?
5. Through which channels?
6. Over what period of time (When)?
7. For what purpose (Why)?


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