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Before a marketing strategy is hatched or graphic design creative brief executed we discover who you are today and where you hope to be tomorrow. Before we can share your story, we must understand every nuance. Every chapter of who you were, who you have become and what you have yet to achieve.

We are the best at what we do and we are willing to prove it. Our process enables you to fuel your growth while minimizing your potential risk. So what happens next? What steps do we take to ensure you are happy at every stage of the process?


Step 1: Getting to know you

We begin with a complimentary consultation—if you’re nearby, we like to get together in person; but, if not, or if time is an issue, we get on a call instead.

In our first meeting, we will:
• Introduce our company and show you the BMIG experience
• Get to know your business and it’s history
• Help figure out your company’s objectives
• Talk about different marketing concepts
• Develop an action plan to tackle your corporate goals

If you like what you hear and our process makes sense to you, we will proceed.


Step 2: Strategy Planning

Clients often come to us with a project that is preplanned and ready to go. When that is the case, we skip the strategy step and move right into estimating the project. Sometimes, however, even when a client knows what the end result of their project or campaign should be, we need to help them pin down specifics and do some planning before the venture can be scoped out.

Using the data we have compiled from market research, we will develop a unique strategy for your business; we will:

• Present the strategy in a marketing plan format
• Thoroughly discuss the strategy and explain our reasoning
• Take your input and make final changes to the plan
• Finalise the marketing strategy


Step 3: Developing Concepts

Once we have a general understanding of what is needed to set the project or campaign in motion, we provide an estimate for the services our team will provide you with a proposal to ensure we’re all on the same page. You will then review and approve the proposal, and then we’re ready to go!

The following things will be covered in the proposal:

• We will begin developing & designing all marketing services
• We will provide you with a schedule for completion
• We will complete a questionnaire to help with your brand identity online and offline

Once approved; we can help you write up a draft for the brief of your campaign. We discuss the brief and the possible creative routes together with you.

Following this, our creatives start work on multiple routes. Usually we devise three routes – one more creative, one more conservative, and one in the middle of those.


Step 4: Execution & Production

Once the development has finished, we will give you a run through of the entire concept and how it will be executed. We will:

• Display the concept via presentation
• Give a look into the what was created and overall development
• Show synergy between different marketing activities
• Address any last minute changes

The actual execution process for every project is different; but generally you can expect a design or development phase, a revisions phase, and then a final implementation phase. Some projects, like large websites, then move into an ongoing-maintenance phase.

You can then review the options, select a preference, and provide feedback. We then develop the chosen route; ideally at this stage it should just be discussion of small details which we tie up with the client.


Step 5: Delivering a winning scenario

After approval we roll out the marketing work; upon completion of your project, we will:

• Conduct one final edit to ensure everything is working seamlessly
• Perform a market test to confirm the correct use and execution of your strategy
• Launch all features and services

The end result would be increased sales and deliverables that work hard for you.

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