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BMIG Ratecard

You will hire us because we do something that you cannot do very well.  We will only ask you to pay us our fair share; all our marketing work will add to your bottom line, so please invest in our future.

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This the part where we tell you we’re 'not your average marketing agency'? In some ways, we are. We are not cheap; because substance with style is expensive alright. However we're just a little less ordinary in the way we work. We believe in free thinking but not in giving our ideas away for free.

But there are something that we won't do

Our strategic and creative resources are our most valuable assets. We cannot afford to give them away for free. We also know (from decades of experience) that the best work happens in a committed relationship. We therefore no longer take part in unpaid pitches. For paid pitches we have a set of guidelines that we’re happy to share.

Here is some good news

We do offer for free to potential clients is a creative debrief and a proposal of what work we will carry out for you that will allow your business to grow.


Agency Fees

Package / Per Month Rate Bronze = 15 Hours Silver = 30 Hours Gold = 45 Hours
Marketing Strategy £599 + VAT £1099 + VAT £1499 + VAT
Digital Marketing £799 + VAT £1299 + VAT £1699 + VAT
Public Relations £999 + VAT £1499 + VAT £1899 + VAT
Graphic Design £499 + VAT £999 + VAT £1399 + VAT
Market Research & Data Analysis £699 + VAT £1199 + VAT £1599 + VAT
Consultancy + £599 + VAT £1099 + VAT £1499 + VAT
Copywriting & Social Media £399 + VAT £899 + VAT £1299 + VAT
Additional Marketing Support £499 + VAT £999 + VAT £1399 + VAT


Terms & Conditions

Creative brief should be brief.

Many creative marketing projects get underway without a clear sense of expectations between business objectives, organizational leadership, and the creative folks (whether in-house or freelance) delivering it.

The result?

An extended and expensive creative development process with many revisions and not to mention chewed-up nails, bruised egos along with depleted momentum.

rate 1

The creative brief is the foundation of any marketing campaign. It tells us where to start digging for those golden ideas.

A good brief can make or break your project. When a good creative brief is done right, it will safe you time and money.

Keeping your secrets safe.

With the sensitive information and confidential nature of our marketing work and the detail that we drill down to with our clients; it is vital that our clients have 100% confidence and trust in BMIG.

We take all ideas and information seriously on board, and so before beginning a new marketing project we are happy to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), a specially designed contract intended to protect information considered to be proprietary or confidential so you know your ideas are safe with us!

rate 2

This is supported by our willingness to be open, honest and offer impartial and constructive advice. We will work hard to provide you with everything you need that will help us all to build great relationships built on trust and professional friendships!


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