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BMIG family of brands

See below our companies who can help you with your marketing:

  • Bangladutchi
  • Choudhury & Choudhury
  • Clear & Clever
  • Creatrix Consilium
  • Designed to Think
  • Digital Ingenium
  • Global Brand Guru
  • I3 Data
  • Ideal Adverts
  • Marketing Professor
  • Nahim Choudhury
  • Professor Digital
  • Simply Considered
  • Social Shogun
  • Stand outside the box
  • Sultan of Events


Why do you need BMIG marketing?

For anyone who runs a business, you’ll know that the true question is not whether we need marketing, but how much marketing do we need it? A business owner can have the best products available on the market, and have quality staff, and they will still suffer financially if no one is able to find their product. Even word of mouth is a form of marketing. It’s impossible to simply put out a great product and expect to get financial rewards.

As with any business, it takes money to make money. An investment in marketing is equally, if not more important than investing in stock inventory and high quality staff.

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What happens when you don’t market effectively?

When businesses find themselves in financial trouble, they often cut back on their marketing budgets. This is the worst thing you can do to your business, because while you’re not marketing, your competition is. That means that fewer and fewer people are finding your product, and instead, they’re becoming loyal customers of your competitor.

When you don’t market, the ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ rule applies. You will lose brand visibility, and even clients you had in the past may forget about you. Marketing is important if you want to stay relevant, and if you want your customers to have confidence in your brand.

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BMIG makes marketing work for you so that you can get more done for your business!

It is a marketing truth that whatever the size of your business, there are common problems and challenges:

• How can BMIG help you and bring in more new business?
• How can you maximise the potential from our existing customers?
• How can you stand out from our competitors through branding?
• How can you enter new markets especially the developing world?

We can help your business or organisation meet these challenges and objectives and show you how the techniques and approaches the large brands use can easily be tailored to fit your marketing resource and budget.