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Bright Marketing Ideas Group (BMIG) is a one stop shop for all your marketing needs. We use a global network of creative freelancers and strategic marketers with proven experience from a wide range of sectors to help promote your business. We specialise in using a variety of communications channels whether it is digital, traditional, mobile, social, direct, outdoor or a tailored mix to fit with each specific campaign.

BMIG has international experience on both sides of the marketing spectrum, agency (both B2B and Consumer) and client (whether it’s a small local business or a multi-national corporations). We carefully pick and choose our clients to present an attractive brand portfolio to the marketplace.

Marketing is constantly changing, which is why we continuously adapt; to create and deliver a brand that will inspire your customers to desire your products and services.


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How can BMIG help you?

We offer a full service from putting together your marketing plans or campaign strategies to creating powerful branding, beautifully crafted graphic design for leaflets, brochures and direct mail and producing digital media including websites, email and social media.

You can use as many, or few, of these services as suits you. So if you want to outsource your full marketing because you have no internal resource we can provide a ‘virtual marketing department’. But, if you have existing relationships with other suppliers we are happy to work alongside them.

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Is your current marketing effort letting your business down?

Many of our clients come to us battered and bruised after spending money on advertising that just hasn’t worked. Often this is because they have reacted to people selling them advertising space, rather than having a comprehensive marketing plan.

Whatever your size of business, don’t scrimp on your branding. In today’s increasingly visually sophisticated audiences, there is little tolerance for poor logos and clumsy branding and this is one area where doing it ‘on the cheap’ is certainly a false economy. Especially in today's business environment; there is no excuse for poor design. There is no area of your business that isn’t judged by what it looks like. It might all sound a bit superficial, but we are visual creatures and we all make snap judgements based on what something, someone or somewhere looks likes; whether it be in the UK or around the world.

BMIG believes that just by looking at all aspects of your business and getting the details right, you can make sure your marketing efforts are not wasted.

BMIG Brands

With so many years of experience in the business, BMIG Family is your
source for the highest quality marketing services.

  • Bangladutchi
  • Choudhury & Choudhury
  • Clear & Clever
  • Creatrix Consilium
  • Designed to Think
  • Digital Ingenium
  • Global Brand Guru
  • I3 Data
  • Ideal Adverts
  • Marketing Professor
  • Nahim Choudhury
  • Professor Digital
  • Simply Considered
  • Social Shogun
  • Stand outside the box
  • Sultan of Events

Why choose BMIG?

We provide a comprehensive marketing service so whatever your needs, we can do it. From marketing strategy and planning, to branding, websites, printed leaflets and everything else in between, we can cope with all your requirements. This is also great for running integrated marketing campaigns so you won’t need to co-ordinate multiple partners, in short you could say we’re your one stop shop.

Our aim is to deliver the highest possible ROI from marketing activity. Every business and market sector is different; therefore to deliver a customised B2B or B2C marketing process tailored to the specific needs of the customer BMIG will work as an external marketing department to bring you the expertise in a wide range of marketing disciplines including strategy, product marketing, inbound marketing and content delivery, content based SEM, Email, online and traditional marketing..

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We have been very lucky to have worked with a number of amazing clients in many different sectors and worked on exciting marketing challenges that made working on marketing projects totally worth it no matter how large or small the budgets are. We provide bright marketing ideas to help your business grow and become more successful.

We work with clients at every stage of their marketing life-cycle, whether pre-launch, birth, growth, maturity, or even decline. We can tackle one-off projects, or a whole campaign. BMIG has plenty of experience, applying best practice and pulling together the efforts of your existing specialist agencies to achieve your objectives. Whether you need to build value into your customer base, strengthen relationships with existing clients, or increase awareness and cross-selling opportunities; basically we can help you with all your marketing needs.

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We are a full service marketing agency and love what we do best; which is to come up with bright marketing ideas!

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We've got the creative skills to help your business grow. It's time to out-think and not out-spend; It's time to try BMIG...



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