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We know you love imagery…

Photography and Video has the power to connect with your customers, reach new audiences and boost sales.

Do you want a professional yet approachable brand image? Bangladutchi provides portraits, corporate video production and commercial photography around the world. We can make you look relaxed and natural, captured in a professional contemporary style that builds a unique buzz around your brand.

The best portrait and commercial photography begins with a conversation. Whether you’re a business start-up, college, university or a multinational corporation, our professional photographers always starts with your individual requirements. It’s a collaborative process, an exchange of ideas.

Nahim Choudhury, Founder & CEO of Bright Marketing Ideas Group

We’re happy to help you in producing the highest quality images and videos for your company!

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Commercial photography to reflect and enhance your brand image
  • Portrait photography that brings out your natural style and personality
  • Video production that engages customers from the very first second


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