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Choudhury & Choudhury

Why use a merchandise agency?

We offer consultancy that ensures your promotional pound is being spent effectively.

Choudhury & Choudhury specialises in sourcing promotional and OEM merchandise direct from the Manufacturer. We facilitate the process between the customer and the factory, overseeing all aspects of the supply chain process. We have many years of experience working with manufacturers, and are able to leverage our experience to assist our customers.

Choudhury & Choudhury uses considerable industry experience, consumer insights, brand strategy and your promotional objectives to bring ideas to the table that go far beyond the pen and the coffee cup. We can help you build your brands and advance your goals.

Promotional Merchandise creates a three dimensional advertising that connects brands with consumers. Traditional advertising can be turned off, but with merchandising you cannot turn off the message. Through effective merchandise campaigns, your customer will embrace the relationship with your business, because it becomes real, it becomes tangible, it becomes three dimensional.

Nahim Choudhury, Founder & CEO of Bright Marketing Ideas Group

Precisely what message it says on the merchandise is key!

Let us know how we can help you build your merchandise programs, whether it be low-cost promotional giveaways, corporate gift and client connectivity programs, or custom branded retail merchandise, we have the expertise to provide you with low-cost merchandise, that effectively conveys your message to your target market.


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