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Designed to Think


So what exactly is content marketing and how does the process work?

Content marketing is the planning, creation and distribution of high quality unique content to attract potential clients and customers to your website. We can help you create a content plan that will deliver highly relevant information to your site’s visitors, encouraging further visits and publicity through social media.

Designed to Think is a team of copywriters and tone of voice consultants who make words work harder on everything, at every opportunity. It could be defining and developing tone of voice guidelines, rolling-out an integrated campaign, or editing and polishing copy. Most of all, we’ll make sure your communications connect with the people that matter.

There are all kinds of copywriters out there. Copywriters who question and dig deeper, honing messages to add value. Copywriters who shape and polish words, turning copywriting coal into sparkling diamonds. At Designed to Think, our copywriters do all of this and more.

Nahim Choudhury, Founder & CEO of Bright Marketing Ideas Group

Good content marketing delivers:

  • Content that is spread via social media generating superb brand exposure.
  • Google friendly content that users engage with will enhance exposure.
  • Good content can generate a level of trust that conventional advertising will never achieve.

Think Copywriting; Think Designing Intelligent Messaging; Think Positive Business Results

We can shape your copywriting project from scratch, working with you to define messages, pinpoint a theme, research, interview and collaborate with designers to bring it all to life. Or we can work wonders with your existing copy. Editing, buffing, proofing and perfecting your current text until it is clear, consistent and on brand.


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