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CSR Policies

The words “corporate social responsibility” reflects the way we run our businesses. While BMIG’s environmental impact is relatively limited, BMIG can make a major difference in terms of social responsibility towards our customers and employees.

Ethical Guidelines

Success will derive from the trust we enjoy from our customers, employees, shareholders, and the public in general. Ethical and moral conduct are therefore vital.

BMIG’s work is based on a fundamental human outlook characterised by trust and respect. This applies to both customers and employees. With regard to customers, suppliers, and employees, there must be no discrimination on grounds such as gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnic background, religion or other beliefs, functional impairment, sexual orientation, age, or any other grounds. Consequently, women and men must have the same opportunities for professional development at BMIG.

It is the responsibility of BMIG to make sure that this policy is observed in the day-to-day running of the business. Employees must be given the opportunity to discuss ethical matters on a regular basis. In internal training, ethical issues must be included as a matter of course.

Bribery & Corruption

Marketing is a powerful tool that can change people’s views and behaviour. We have a responsibility to implement high ethical standards in our work for clients and the way we run our businesses.

BMIG Code of Business Conduct establishes the values and ethical standards that all our companies must implement. It is supported by our Group Sustainability Policy and detailed policies on anti-bribery and corruption, gifts and entertainment and the appointment of third-party advisors. The Code and policies help our people in dealing with a wide range of ethical, social and environmental subjects. They apply to all employees in all locations and are regularly updated.

BMIG has a zero tolerance of bribery and corruption and our policy is to conduct all our business in an honest and ethical manner. Employees are required to complete our ethics training, which covers topics such as diversity, privacy, responsibility to stakeholders, and avoiding misleading work as well as our online training on anti-bribery and corruption. All our companies and our partners and suppliers are asked to sign a copy of the BMIG Code of Marketing Conduct each year to confirm they will abide by its principles.

We will turn down work which presents an unacceptable ethical risk to BMIG or our clients.

Environmental Policy

BMIG takes responsibility for how its operations affect society in several areas. Among other things, we work to minimise the direct and indirect effect on the environment.

We are working to make BMIG a low-carbon and resource-efficient Group - cutting our own carbon footprint and waste, and helping our clients to reduce the environmental impact of marketing campaigns.

Many of our clients are prioritising sustainability, seeking to reduce their impact on the environment and to communicate with consumers and stakeholders on these issues. Implementing our own environmental strategy enhances our credibility with clients and enables us to meet the environmental requirements included in a growing number of client procurement processes.

Here are some of our promises:

1) Reduction in air travel; more focus on video conferencing; and promote the usage of public transport and car sharing amongst staff. BMIG is a fan of cycling and recommend staff to take up cycling to work and help them towards buying a bike.

2) We use less and less paper, preferring to use electronic means for our messages, ordering and invoicing. 100% of our artwork leaves our studio online or on disk.

3) The printers in our supply chain are all accredited for their green credentials; who utilise raw materials from well managed sources and, where possible, paper products sourced carry FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification.

4) We have reduced waste to a minimum: 100% of our paper waste is recycled and we encourage staff to donate money to environmental charities.

5) We recycle ink cartridges from our office printers and the majority of our lighting uses energy efficient bulbs - and we discipline staff who keep their PC's and air conditioners turned on when they are not in the office.

Supply chain

We aim to select partners that meet high standards on ethical business conduct, employment practices, human rights and the environment.

Our approach includes: identifying social, ethical or environmental supply chain risks; communicating our expectations to suppliers; and engaging more closely with suppliers whose products and services or location could present a higher risk to BMIG or our clients.

We evaluate all potential new suppliers against a set of business requirements, including sustainability, before they can become a BMIG partner or supplier.

Suppliers and business partners are asked to sign a copy of the BMIG Code of Business Conduct which includes requirements relating to labour practices (such as wages, anti-harassment and discrimination and health & safety), human rights (including no child, forced or bonded labour), social impacts (such as anti-bribery and corruption) as well as other sustainability criteria.

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